Over 60 Years of Imagination, Exploration, and Play!
Over 60 Years of Imagination, Exploration, and Play!

We want to promote personal development of your children to prepare them as best we can for the challenges in life that lie ahead. Our staff consists of experienced, certified and continually trained educators.

Preschool Director

Name: Kristin Thompson


Professional Experience: I have served as the Director for Holladay Preschool since May 2013. My previous work experience includes promoting sound public policy, event planning and fundraising in the political arena. Prior to that, I coordinated volunteers to work in homeless shelters both in Minneapolis and Salt Lake City. 


Education: MPA in Non-Profit Administration and a BS from the University of Utah in Political Science, with a Minor in History. 


Hobbies:  I love to spend time with my little family. Playing board games, the Wii U and listening/dancing to music are some of our favorite weekend evening activities. I enjoy golfing, skiing, and reading. And I LOVE to eat out and travel. I go out to lunch with my family, my sister’s family and my mom every Saturday! We rarely miss an opportunity to eat good food together. 


Journey to Holladay Preschool: My journey to Holladay Preschool began when my two daughters, Lily and Macy, attended the preschool. My sister’s children attended Holladay Preschool and she informed me that it was the only preschool to consider, so my husband Bob and I signed on. The incredible experience shared by the Thompson family during our years at Holladay Preschool brought me back to serve as its Director. Holladay Preschool enriched my children’s lives and I am so honored to have the opportunity to work at this very special place.


Holladay Preschool Philosophy: Seeing children experience the joy of discovering new ideas is remarkable. Every day at Holladay Preschool, I am able to watch children grow and learn through intentional play. I work with amazing and caring teachers who are dedicated to helping each child develop the intellectual, social, emotional and physical skills needed to succeed in Kindergarten. And it is so much fun to witness the creativity that goes on in each classroom. I couldn’t ask for a more rewarding career!

Administrative Assistant

Name: Julie Neilson


Professional Experience:  My previous work experience includes 18 years as a flight attendant/facilitator at Delta Airlines. I decided to take an early retirement to be a “stay-at-home mom” and to get more involved in my children’s education. For years, I dedicated my time to volunteering in my children’s schools, holding positions such as legislative VP, PTA president elect and PTA president.


Hobbies: My family! I have a wonderful husband (Scott), and two children, Jennica and Tyler.  Jennica is a very talented dancer and Tyler is never seen without a soccer ball!  We have two fuzzy family members as well, Molea (Chocolate Lab) and Tinkerbell (feisty cat). I love hiking, running, reading, playing board games and listening to my favorite band, REM.


Journey to Holladay Preschool: Now that my children are getting more independent, I wanted to seek a job where I can work and still be able to be attentive to their needs. I have always heard how exceptional Holladay Preschool is, and with my unwavering commitment to education, it is a perfect fit. The staff is amazing, and the excitement in the halls once the kids come skipping in, is delightful!


Holladay Preschool Philosophy: I have always believed in teaching the whole child, which builds confidence, self-esteem and a love of learning. These children will have the advantage and tools needed to start them off on their long and exciting journey in education. I am looking forward in working with such skilled educators and witnessing the “magic” that occurs every day at Holladay Preschool.

Office Assistant

Name: Sharon Bain
Education: I received a BA degree in Elementary Education and a Masters in Beginning Reading Instruction.
Years Teaching: I taught class J for 2 years and taught 2nd grade at Eastwood Elementary School for 23 years. And now I love supporting teachers by working  in the office at Holladay Preschool!
Hobbies: I love to do about anything. I love both doing and watching sports. Skiing, golf, and walking are things I have time for. I like gardening, cooking, and activities with my 20 grandchildren. Any activity with children makes me smile.
Journey to Holladay Preschool: After I retired from public school, I just wasn't finished with teaching. I was fortunate to be hired at Holladay Preschool. I love every part of it. I am now assisting in the office, which has been a wonderful way for me to lighten the load for everyone. I enjoy doing anything I can to help the staff.
Holladay Preschool Philosophy: I love the developmental philosophy of Holladay Preschool. While teaching 2nd grade I saw how important self esteem, kindness, following directions, discovering new ideas, enjoying creativity and getting along with peers was in the success of each student. A preschool background that strengthens these skills helps children adjust and excell in their whole life as well as their education.

Teaching Staff

Name: Linda Wilde


Years Teacher:  I have taught at Holladay Preschool for over 25 years. 


Class: Morning Class G (4 & 5 Yr Olds)


Education: BA Degree from the University of Utah in early education


Hobbies: I love music and singing. My sisters and I have sung together for years. I love to sing with the children every day. I also love to read on a variety of subjects. I try to stay informed so that I can keep up with the 4 & 5 year olds I teach! My favorite books are: To Kill A Mockingbird and Les Miserables.


Favorite Classroom Activities: The units I love to do are The Patriotic Program, the human body, and outer space. The children also have fun making their own animal alphabet book and building and decorating their own “Valentine Creation." The children make every activity fun and exciting. Every day (and almost every moment) is like a present to be opened when working with young children.


Journey to Holladay Preschool: I directed my own preschool out of my home for several years. When I found it difficult to meet all of the states building codes for a preschool, I started looking around and luckily I found Holladay Preschool. I was hooked on their philosophy and, lucky me, I was hired!


Holladay Preschool Philosophy: This school’s philosophy focuses on what is best for the child in the early years of life. Childhood is so short! Children need to play, discover, experiment, laugh, enjoy the outdoors, build, tear down, paint, draw, sing, and dance. Our philosophy prepares kids for Kindergarten by helping their brains grow, their base of experience grow, their knowledge of the world grow, and most importantly, their ability to get along with others in a kind and productive way grows. 



Name: Lori Gee


Years Teaching: I have taught at Holladay Preschool for over 25  years.


Class: I teach the 3 year old classes B, C & F.


Education: I have a bachelor's degree in social science.


Hobbies: I enjoy crafts of all kinds, especially scrapbooking and card making. I don't know if these hobbies have helped me grow, but I do know that I love making yearbooks for all the children in my classes and watching their faces light up when I give the books to them.


Favorite Classroom Activities: My very favorite activity is the field trip to Fairmont park to float boats. The pictures we take are so priceless!! They love floating their homemade boats and I love watching them do it!! I also love celebrating all of the holiday's and the many art activities that go with each one.


Journey to Holladay Preschool: Holladay Preschool chose me!! I briefly met a woman at another school who was teaching the two-year-olds at Holladay Preschool. She started talking to me and told me she was moving and asked if I was interested in teaching preschool. I told her "maybe," and then forgot all about it.  A month later, the director of Holladay Preschool called me and asked if she could meet me. The rest is history... 22 years later, I'm still here and still loving my job! 


Holladay Preschool Philosophy:  If there is one thing a child needs to prepare them for kindergarten, it is self-confidence. Social development helps promote this by offering a wide variety of experiences through play. Many believe that they are just playing, but it is so much more! They are learning life-long skills that will help them throughout their educational experience. Children at Holladay are offered so many wonderful experiences through social interactions. We encourage creativity with hands on experiences that I hope set the stage for success for the rest of their lives. Most importantly they are loved and respected!



Name: Diane Mangum


Years Teaching: I have taught at Holladay Preschool for  20 years.


Class: I teach the 4 year old, three mornings a week class - Class H


Education: I received a degree in journalism and then certified to teach in secondary education.


Hobbies: I have six children and 16 grandchildren, ages 1 to 12, and activities with them are my biggest hobby. Over the years a really important hobby for me has been writing. I have published a novel for girls and two activity books for children. More recently, I have written magazine stories for children and collaborated on a family history book. I also enjoy sewing and cooking big family dinners.


Favorite Classroom Activities: Recently, we had "popping day" when we gathered up bubble wrap and had a stomping party and it was hilarious. I love music week because I like watching the children during playtime spontaneously take the instruments and form their own little band. I love foreign language week - teaching them the "Buenos Dias" song and watching them do the Mexican Hat Dance, and we make Japanese fish kites and count to five in Japanese.  


Journey to Holladay Preschool: I came to Holladay Preschool because a couple of friends were already teaching here and it was a good fit for me when the school had an opening.


Holladay Preschool Philosophy: Childhood is such a brief time and such an important foundation. I really like the philosophy of Holladay Preschool that children need skills in all areas of development: cognitive, social, physical, emotional and creative. Life is easier, and children are happier, when they know they have skills, know they can make new friends, know how to play, and know that learning is fun. Preschool should be a nurturing place where children can discover all kinds of wonderful things about themselves and the world around them, as they get ready to make the transition from home to school. 



Name: Rebecca Jones


Years Teaching: This is my first year teaching at Holladay Preschool, however, I have a long background working with and teaching young children.  


Class: 3 year old Classes D & E


Education and Professional Experience:  I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dance from Utah Valley University. I am also certified in Professionalism in Chidcare and Child Develpment.  I came from St. John's Community Child Development Center, where I taught the 3 year old program.  I am so excited to continue with this journey of growth and learning at Holladay Preschool. 


Hobbies: I love to travel! Whether it’s out of the country or right here in Utah, there’s so much exploring to be done. I even speak 4 languages! I also love reading, board games/card games, going to the theatre or concerts, trying new restaurants, shopping, movies, photography, and spending quality time with my loved-ones. 


 Favorite Classroom Activities: I’d say story-time and arts & crafts are my personal favorites. I really love being able to see evidence of improvements and growth in my students’ abilities and their confidence – it is so rewarding!


Journey to Holladay Preschool: I was introduced to Holladay Preschool by my fiancé’s good friends, whose children attend here. I love there developmental philosophy and am excited to be a part of the Holladay Preschool Team.


Holladay Preschool Philosophy: FUN! I absolutely loved school when I was growing up and I want to instill that same love for learning in each of my students. I love how well-rounded the Holladay Preschool program is and that it really promotes an environment where children can be creative and imaginative.



Name: Carolyn Tebbs


Years Teaching: I have taught preschool for almost 20 years.


Class: Class A-1 and A-2 (2 year olds), and Class H (4 year olds)


Education: University of Utah with a degree in recreation therapy with an emphasis in early childhood development


Hobbies: I like to sew, knit, read, run, swim, square dance, and ride the motorcycle with my husband.  And of course, I enjoy my grandchildren.


Favorite Classroom Activities: There are so many fun things we do. I suppose I have a soft spot for farms, after growing up on one. I have fun dressing up like Humbug Witch, and I also have fun hunting for dinosaur eggs.


Journey to Holladay Preschool: My son went to Holladay Preschool. When he was old enough for Jr. High, I decided it was time to find something else to do. Teaching at Holladay Preschool fit the bill.


Holladay Preschool Philosophy: I feel that carefully teaching children at their appropriate developmental level teaches confidence. They learn that they can be successful and that school and learning is a lot of fun. We have a wonderful balance here of both social and scholastic approaches.



Name:  Alyssa Milne


Experience: I started teaching Pre-K in 2005.  I love learning and have continued to take classes.  Last year I took 100 ten hour classes from the Office of Childcare to get my Level Three. The classes covered topics about emotional, social and academic development.



Class:  Class I - 4 & 5 year olds


Education: I graduated from the Universityof Utah with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies.


Hobbies:  My hobbies include reading, travelling and learning new things. I enjoy being outside, hiking, cross country skiing and camping. I am the mom of three wonderful humans.


Favorite Classroom Activities:  My love of reading has led to one of my favorite class activities. Teaching the letters and their sounds through music, games and art.  I also love field trips. It's extra fun to see our science lessons come to life outside the classroom.


Journey to Holladay Preschool: I believe in developmentally appropriate activities that help children to grow emotionally and socially. I love the mission of Holladay Preschool.  It was one of the things that attracted me to this program.  I am really excited to be here.


Holladay Preschool Philosophy: I love seeing children be creative, artistic and inquisitive through developmentally appropriate activities. One of my top priorities is helping children build their emotional and social skills and helping them have a wonderful school experience in the process.



Name:  Marianne Harris


Experience: This will be my first year at Holladay Preschool! I had the opportunity to substitute at Holladay last year and loved it. 


 Class:  Enrichment on Tuesdays and Fridays (extended day for 4 year olds.)


Education: I attended the University of Utah and I got a B.S. degree in Elementary Education. During my last year of school and the U of U, I student taught in a second grade classroom at Millcreek Elementary. From there, I was able to get a job at Oakridge Elementary. I taught fourth grade for three years at Oakridge, and grew so much in my teaching experience during that time.  


Hobbies: I have a two-year-old son who I adore and enjoy spending time with. It is so fun to watch him grow and develop his own little personality. I am a very social person, so you can often find me spending time with friends or my family during my free time. I love to be active, whether that means going for a walk, playing sports with friends, or lifting weights at the gym. I also enjoy interior design, drawing, and painting.  


Favorite Classroom Activities:  I grew up learning to love art. As a child, my grandma use to have us over to her home once a week for “art class.” This has made me really love doing art with children. I love to see their creativity and individuality that shines through with their art pieces. I also really enjoy teaching science and doing hands-on science experiments with my students. It’s so fun to see them engaged in the learning, and science often allows for wonderful engagement. 


Journey to Holladay Preschool: I had the privilege of getting to know the Thompson family during my time at Oakridge Elementary. Last year, I was searching for a job that would be a good fit for my family and I. I was reconnected with the director, Kristi Thompson, through my sister, and Holladay Preschool was the perfect fit! I am so excited to work at this amazing school amongst some really incredible teachers and mentors. 


Holladay Preschool Philosophy: I am a firm believer in teaching children the love of learning. School needs to be a place where they feel safe, loved, and engaged. If they have these things, then the true learning can take place. Preschool should be a place where your child comes to learn social skills and life skills through intentional play. This type of learning is just as important as the academic learning. Lessons should be developmentally appropriate so the child can feel confident in their abilities and find joy in the process of learning and growing their skills at school. Early education is so important, and a great time for kids to discover themselves and others around them. 



Name: Julie Iorg


Class:  Class A1 & A2 - 2 & 3 year olds


Education:  I have a BS in Psychology from the University of Utah and am a Certified Special Ed Teacher from Utah State University.  I am also a certificed Kid's Yoga Teacher - We Are Yoga (Shiva Center).


Hobbies:    My hobbies include yoga, photography, gardening and reading.  I also love to spend time with my husband and two children.  As a family we enjoy hiking, paddle boarding, camping, snowshoeing and snowboarding.


Favorite Classroom Activities:  I think everything we do at Holladay Preschool is fun.  From the minute kids walk into our classroom until the end of our day, we are having so much fun! We are playing, creating, building, singing, exploring and I love it all!!!  I also love story time.  I love children's books and I love to read to the children and ineract with them and make connections with the stories.  I really enjoy watching the stories come alive for the children.  I also have a passion for teaching kid's yoga.  As we are learning about healthy ways to move our bodies, we are reading stories, singing songs, playing games, learning about animals and pretending to become the animals.  We have so much fun using our imaginations and being silly all while learning at the same time.


Journey to Holladay Preschool:  I had heard so many wonderful things about Holladay Preschool and when the opportunity came for me to apply for a job, I knew it would be a great place to work.  I truly feel lucky to be a part of such an amazing school and community!


Holladay Preschool Philosophy:  The developmentaly appropriate practices of Holladay Preschool create a fun learning environment for all children.  We are teaching the whole child:  socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically and that is important for early childhood development.  Childhood is such a valuable stage in life and to have the opportunity to help children learn and grow and to become self-confident in a nurturing environment is truly fulfilling.  It is my hope that they will develop a love for learning that will continue to grow as they move to all stages of their life.



Name: Linda Layton


Years Teaching: I have been teaching at Holladay Preschool for over 10 years.


Class: A-3 (2 yr olds), D & E (3 yr olds) and MF (enrichment day for 4 yr olds)


Education: Attended University of Utah for 3 years. 


Hobbies: I have always loved children's books! I spent hours and hours reading to my own children. We also had a "craft room" where we had lots of supplies. The room was always full of projects and messes.  We experimented with various mediums. I love to garden, read and cook with my children too. 


Favorite Classroom Activities: My co-teachers and I choose age-appropriate stories, songs, games, and activities and plan lessons according to individual class attention span. Through fun activities, children learn their colors, numbers, shapes, etc. I love the fact that the art we do is child directed. It is wonderful to see what they can create! One of my favorite classroom activities is dancing. We stand around the rug and dance together and then we clap while each child takes a turn in the middle dancing solo. It is really fun to see children go outside of their comfort zone and have the courage to dance!! Butterfly week is a highlight!  We have caterpillars in our room and watch as they change into butterflies. We do different activities during the week with art that corresponds with our learning. It is a happy day when we go outside and let the butterflies fly to their new homes! At the end of the year, we take boats that we have decorated and float them at Fairmont Park. The children love this activity.  They get so excited as they race along the tiny irrigation ditch and chase after their boats. Children also love to climb in the shallow water. An adult is there with each child making for a special one-on-one bonding time!


Journey to Holladay Preschool: I have spent many years teaching children in my church and also worked in the Jordan School District as a substitute teacher, second grade aide and reading specialist before teaching at Holladay for the past 8 years.


Holladay Preschool Philosophy:  I love the philosophy of the school. Learning is fun at Holladay. I love all of the different art supplies for crafts and the wonderful toys that are provided. Many preschools don't have this advantage and are very limited. We can use our own ideas and creativity and make each class unique and special. You don't have to sit behind a desk. Each day is varied and active. I loved being around young children since mine were older. Children need a good foundation to succeed in school. At Holladay, we stress the need for age-appropriate activities.  A child that learns to behave in asocially- appropriate manner will be ahead. It is critical to their future. The creative process is important as well.  With varied art supplies, we can give children many different art experiences. Learning to follow instructions, to get along with others, and to appropriately participate in singing and rug time will help a child when class size in kindergarten is larger.



Name: Loralee Christensen


Years Teaching: I have been at Holladay Preschool for over 15 years. 


Class:  Class I - 4 & 5 year olds


Education: I graduated from Olympus Hgh. I attended the University of Utah, transferring to Utah State where I graduated with a BA in Liberal Arts, with a minor in History.


Hobbies: I love to paint, sew/quilt.  I also love to read, crochet, do handwork and just about anything that keeps me from housework.  I also love to travel!!!  I think some of my travel pictures and experiences have enriched my teaching curriculum.


Favorite Classroom Activities: We do so many fun activities at school it is hard to choose.  I love marble painting, I love our dramatic interpretation of stories, I love puffy painting, and I also think moon sand is a ton of fun.  I am so lucky that I get to paint, play with play doh, laugh, pretend, get hugs, have snacks and go outside every day and call it work.  My job is the best!


Journey to Holladay Preschool: My children attended Holladay Preschool and I loved their experiences here.  I believe in the philosophy of the school so strongly that I decided to work here!


Holladay Preschool Philosophy: I love that the school is so creative and child centered.  I loved the social experiences and responsibilities my children gained at the school.  In fact, they still have friendshipos with kids from preschool.  The older I get the more I realize that the social aspects of childhood are so important.  LIfe skills aren't evaluated like the alphabet but are every bit as important in a welll rounded adult.  The developmentally appropriate philosophy at Holladay allows the children to develop those skills, self help skills and confidence that will stay with them for years.  As children from Holladay Preschool enter Kindergarten, they have confidence and skills to make friends, develop relationships, solve problems and to be self reliant in their classes and manage themselves in a new environment.



Name: Jessie Newman


Years Teaching: I have taught at Holladay Preschool for over 8 years.


Class: Class I - 4 & 5 year olds


Education: I graduated from the University of Utah in elementary education.


Hobbies: One of my hobbies is playing the piano and music in general. I definitely use this talent at Holladay preschool. I also enjoy reading and I love to read about children and ways to improve my teaching. And I love reading stories to the children.


Favorite Classroom Activities: Halloween is so fun. I love to be the “Humbug Witch” and act out the story for my students. I enjoy Native American week. Teaching about musical instruments is also one of my favorites.


Journey to Holladay Preschool: My good friend, Carolyn Tebbs, told me there was an opening at Holladay and I hurried right in. I had heard so many good things about Holladay Preschool and I was excited to be part of the team!


Holladay Preschool Philosophy: The philosophy of Holladay Preschool is centered around the whole child: socially, emotionally, and intellectually. What better way is there to raise and teach children? When a child feels good about himself in all areas, he is much more likely to succeed and to love school. If I can help a child to learn to make his own decisions and feel confident in those decisions, learn to be a good friend and to stand up for himself, to be kind and considerate to others, and learn to express himself positively, I know he will be off to a good start in his schooling.


Name: Janice Petersen


Years Teaching: I have taught at Holladay Preschool for over 8 years and have taught preschool for over 20 years.


Class: I teach the Monday-Thursday afternoon 4 & 5 year old class – Class J.


Education: I attended BYU and the U of U. I received a medical technician degree and later earned a degree in Child Development.


Hobbies: I love music and I have been able to incorporate that into my teaching. 


Favorite Classroom Activities: I love doing the music programs. I love sharing the joy of music with the children and seeing the smiles on the parents faces while they watch their children perform.  A few of my favorite subjects that I love to teach during the year are the dinosaur unit and our ocean unit.  


Journey to Holladay Preschool: I came to Holladay preschool because I like their learning philosophy and the creativity they encourage. It is less structured, but provides many different activities for the children to engage in each day. 


Holladay Preschool Philosophy: Holladay Preschool’s developmentally-appropriate program prepares children for Kindergarten. The children are introduced to things that build their confidence and prepare them to be ready for the social, emotional, intellectual and physical aspects of Kindergarten. 



Name: Lori Bergstrom


Years Teaching: I have taught at Holladay Preschool for over 8 years and have over 25 years of teaching experience.


Class: Class J (Pre-K, 4 & 5 year old afternoon class)


Education: I graduated from the University of Utah in Speech Pathology and have been able to teach part-time for 25 years.


Hobbies: I love to read! My love for reading has helped me grow as a preschool teacher.


Favorite Classroom Activities: Music is the best part of teaching. We sing every day. It helps us learn more in every subject, including science, math, art and pre-reading skills. Our Holiday and Spring Programs are so much fun. I also love our field trips. My favorite activity is learning about insects. We learn so many cool facts and even get to build our own bugs!


Journey to Holladay Preschool: I chose Holladay preschool because I like their philosophy and the creativity they encourage. It's not so structured and I agree with their mission statement.


Holladay Preschool Philosophy: The age-appropriate developmental philosophy at Holladay preschool helps the children to learn to work in groups, solve problems, work with other children, listen and follow directions. It helps them be socially ready and to be able to negotiate, to be kind, and to have friends.



Name: Shelly Leatham


Classes:  Class G - 4 & 5 Year Olds


Year Teaching: I have been a preschool teacher for over twenty years. At Holladay, I have taught in Class D, Class J, and now Class G.  I have also taught  the last five years at Wasatch Presbyterian Preschool in their toddler program.


Education: B.S. from the University of Utah in Human Development and Family Studies and a B.S. from the University of Utah in Psychology.


Hobbies: Grandchildren and tennis top my list! I also enjoy reading and writing – I have written a children’s book that is yet to be published, titled:  ‘Ping, Pong Light’.  I like pickle ball, sewing, knitting, oil painting, drawing,  and games…(my favorite game is:  Settlers of Catan).


My bucket list includes visiting Sidney, Australia and Machu Pichu, Peru.  Completing five oil paintings, getting my children’s book printed, playing tennis until I am 80+, watching my grandchildren grow up, and enriching the lives of Holladay’s preschool children in Class G for eight to ten more years!


Class Activity: My favorite topics to teach are ‘Halloween Fun’ and ‘Born or Hatch’. I enjoy the classroom most when a child feels comfortable enough to dance a dance or sing a song that allows all of us to join in for an impromptu party moment.  I love watching the children explore the different centers as they interact with each other.  I love a school day most when I see the children being in tune to the CD we have on.  I am happy when I hear the children singing concepts I want them to know that have been taught through song.


Journey to Holladay Preschool: My two youngest children attended Holladay Preschool, and as my last daughter was leaving, I realized I was going to miss the culture and vitality found here.  So much so, that I approached the director and asked to be considered if there was an opening at the school.  The timing was right and I began the following school year.  Life has pulled me away twice from teaching here, and I am so glad to be returning because this feels ‘like home’!


Philosophy: The philosophy is to focus on the wellness of the whole child.  We encourage children to accept themselves, try new things, don’t worry about failure, learn how to be a friend, anticipate kindergarten, and play!  Process over product is my motto as I design each day.



Name: Candice Greene


Classes: A-3


Education: A graduate of the University of Utah. Major - Family and Human Development, with an emphasis in early childhood development. Minor - Sociology. 


Hobbies: I LOVE to vacation at the beach. I love spending time with my husband and three kids, and I love playing tennis, running, and reading a good book! 


Class Activity: The times I have spent in the classroom that I love most are rug time and the focused theme activity for class time. I especially enjoy watching the children's imagaination at work. Be it through their creations, singing time or just listening to their conversations during purposeful play and snack time.


Journey to Holladay Preschool: This preschool holds a special place in my heart because my own four children went here. I loved all of the teachers at the time and am now so excited to be part of such a wonderful teaching staff. 


Philosophy: I love this school for the focus it has on each child's own personal development. I love the self-help skills the children learn that, when mastered, really help them succeed in Kindergarten and beyond. I have seen it firsthand in my own children. After attending this preschool, they entered Elementary school as very independent and confident students. Not to mention, they learned very important social skills that have helped them to succed and become great students. 




2631 Murray-Holladay Road

Holladay, Utah 84117

(801) 277-8455




Monday-Thursday 8:30-4:30

Friday 8:30-1:00



Kristi Thompson, Director

Julie Neilson, Admin. Assistant

Sharon Bain, Office Assistant  


Don't Forget Snow Clothes

Holladay Preschool students go outside every day unless the temperature is below 25 or the air particle matter is above 35.4.

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