Over 60 Years of Imagination, Exploration, and Play!
Over 60 Years of Imagination, Exploration, and Play!

Thoughtful Goals for Each Age


Two-Year-Old Class Description & Goals:


There are three two-year-old classes at Holladay Preschool. These are wonderful places for the little ones to get a great start. The time spent in class is just long enough to help them realize that it is safe and comfortable to be away from their parents for a little while. 

  • Learn to relate to other children and adults in a positive way
  • Develope self-control and cooperation
  • Develop the ability to sit and listen to a story, sing songs, learn colors and shapes, as well as develop their language skills
  • Learn appropriate food manners and are encouraged to clean up after themselves
  • Develop confidence in being away from their parents and confidence in realting to other children as well as other adults
  • Help them learn to communicate their desires as well as treat others in an appropriate way



Three-Year-Old Class Description & Goals:


Three-year olds are so fun. They learn everyday how to be more independent. They are happy, energetic and eager to learn. The three-year-old class focuses on social and creative processes that will help them for the rest of their lives. 

  • Be a safe, happy and secure environment for children, where they know others will care for them
  • Provide developmentally-appropriate, child-centered art that improves fine motor skills
  • Help children verbalize their needs
  • Cultivate self-esteem by playing pretend, using their imaginations, singing and learning to speak in front of a group
  • Help children learn to categorize, learn patterns, opposites, rhymes, spatial relations, number-to-object recognition, recognize their name, seasons and shapes
  • Prepare children for day-to-day activities and self-reliance (i.e. learn to dress themselves in winter clothing with minimal help, stand up for themselves in a non-violent manner, learn to make decisions and choices that are good for themselves and others, participate in and follow directions during learning activities, pou liquids, pass, take their share and clean up their own snack area)



4 - 5 and Pre-K Class Description & Goals:


Four-year-old children are at a wonderful developmental stage where they are ready to learn about themselves, the people around them and the big world they live in. We believe that children will have a better Kindergarten experience if they begin school feeling capable and confident.

  • Facilitate the discovery of ideas, talents and new friends
  • Empower the children with social skills to make friends, participate in groups and be self-reliant
  • Teach children cognitive and motor skills that will prepare them for a happy experience as they start school
  • Encourage creativity in their art and play time
  • Help children practice pre-reading, math, science and social study skills (i.e. site words, letter recognition, writing names, learning address and telephone numbers, number recognition, counting, sorting, exploring the human body, astronomy and student relationships with the world and their place in it... to name a few)


2631 Murray-Holladay Road

Holladay, Utah 84117

(801) 277-8455




Monday-Thursday 8:30-4:30

Friday 8:30-1:00



Kristi Thompson, Director

Julie Neilson, Admin. Assistant

Sharon Bain, Office Assistant  


Don't Forget Snow Clothes

Holladay Preschool students go outside every day unless the temperature is below 25 or the air particle matter is above 35.4.

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