Over 60 Years of Imagination, Exploration, and Play!
Over 60 Years of Imagination, Exploration, and Play!

Authors of Parenting Articles

Name: Diane Mangum


Years Teaching: This is my 16th year at Holladay Preschool.


Class: I teach the 4 year old, three mornings a week class - Class H


Education: I received a degree in journalism and then certified to teach in secondary education.


Hobbies: I have six children and 16 grandchildren, ages 1 to 12, and activities with them are my biggest hobby. Over the years a really important hobby for me has been writing. I have published a novel for girls and two activity books for children. More recently, I have written magazine stories for children and collaborated on a family history book. I also enjoy sewing and cooking big family dinners.


Favorite Classroom Activities: Recently, we had "popping day" when we gathered up bubble wrap and had a stomping party and it was hilarious. I love music week because I like watching the children during playtime spontaneously take the instruments and form their own little band. I love foreign language week - teaching them the "Buenos Dias" song and watching them do the Mexican Hat Dance, and we make Japanese fish kites and count to five in Japanese.  


Journey to Holladay Preschool: I came to Holladay Preschool because a couple of friends were already teaching here and it was a good fit for me when the school had an opening.


Holladay Preschool Philosophy: Childhood is such a brief time and such an important foundation. I really like the philosophy of Holladay Preschool that children need skills in all areas of development: cognitive, social, physical, emotional and creative. Life is easier, and children are happier, when they know they have skills, know they can make new friends, know how to play, and know that learning is fun. Preschool should be a nurturing place where children can discover all kinds of wonderful things about themselves and the world around them, as they get ready to make the transition from home to school. 


Name: Candice Greene


Classes: A-3


Education: A graduate of the University of Utah. Major - Family and Human Development, with an emphasis in early childhood development. Minor - Sociology. 


Hobbies: I LOVE to vacation at the beach. I love spending time with my husband and three kids, and I love playing tennis, running, and reading a good book! 


Class Activity: The times I have spent in the classroom that I love most are rug time and the focused theme activity for class time. I especially enjoy watching the children's imagaination at work. Be it through their creations, singing time or just listening to their conversations during purposeful play and snack time.


Journey to Holladay Preschool: This preschool holds a special place in my heart because my own four children went here. I loved all of the teachers at the time and am now so excited to be part of such a wonderful teaching staff. 


Philosophy: I love this school for the focus it has on each child's own personal development. I love the self-help skills the children learn that, when mastered, really help them succeed in Kindergarten and beyond. I have seen it firsthand in my own children. After attending this preschool, they entered Elementary school as very independent and confident students. Not to mention, they learned very important social skills that have helped them to succed and become great students. 



2631 Murray-Holladay Road

Holladay, Utah 84117

(801) 277-8455




Monday-Thursday 8:30-4:30

Friday 8:30-1:00



Kristi Thompson, Director

Julie Neilson, Admin. Assistant

Sharon Bain, Office Assistant  


Don't Forget Snow Clothes

Holladay Preschool students go outside every day unless the temperature is below 25 or the air particle matter is above 35.4.

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