COVID-19 Plans

The Holladay Preschool Board of Directors, with guidance from teachers and the Holladay United Church of Christ COVID-19 team, has developed a plan that provides a safe environment for our families, students, and staff.

So what will preschool look like this year?  All of the things that you love about Holladay Preschool will stay the same: creative activities, nurturing teachers helping children learn social, physical and academic skills, and lots of fun! However, some of the routines at preschool will be different:

  • Parents will drop children off at the door and teachers will escort children to the classroom. We will give each family a card with their child’s name and class so that we are able to move through the process quickly. Staff and volunteers will take temperatures and make sure kids' hands are sanitized at the door.  Watch this video for an idea of how this will work.
  • Parents will not be allowed in the building except to co-op or for pre-approved meetings.
  • Children will be asked to wear a face mask when coming in and going out of the building, in the hallways or bathrooms, during rug time and when they are sitting in close proximity to others at learning stations. Masks can come off during outside time and classroom free play time. Each student will be provided two of their own, comfortable, adjustable, fun masks to wear at school!
  • There will be more outside time such as snack time picnics, outdoor movement activities, and playing games on the lawn.
  • Children should bring a water bottle or spill proof cup with water only.  
  • Hand washing for everyone will be frequent and scheduled throughout the day.
  • Holladay Preschool’s 2-year-old classes will be limited to 13 students until January.  This will help with social distancing and the challenges posed by 2-year-olds in masks.  We will encourage mask wearing, but know it will take some time for students to adjust.  We will use positive reinforcement to help students along the way.

More details about our Yellow Phase plan can be seen here.


Classes begin Monday, September 14

Times for classes have been slightly altered to accommodate for cleaning and staggering of students entering the building. Please see below:

Class A1 – Drop off 9:15 and pick up 11:00

Class A2 – Drop off 11:30 and pick up 1:15

Class A3 – Drop off 12:15 and pick up 2:00

Class B – Drop off 9:00 and pick up 11:30

Class C – Drop off 9:00 and pick up 11:30

Class D – Drop off 9:00 and pick up 11:30

Class E – Drop off 9:00 and pick up 11:30

Class F  – Drop off 12:30 and pick up 3:15

Class G – Drop off 8:45 and pick up 11:45

Class H – Drop off 8:45 and pick up 11:45

Class I –  Drop off 12:30 and pick up 3:30

Class J – Drop off 12:30 and pick up 3:30

M-Th Enrichment – Drop off 12:00 and pick up 3:15

Friday Enrichment – Drop off 8:45 and pick up 12:00


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