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benefit bash

February 29, 2020
Hello, McFly? Do you have tickets to the Benefit Bash yet? It's going to be DOPE!
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Welcome To Our Preschool!

Holladay Preschool is a special place for children to come together to learn and grow. Our developmental focus is so much more than a head-start on academics. Through intentional play, we address the intellectual, social, emotional & physical development of each child.

For over 60 years, Holladay Preschool students have experienced a wonderful introduction to grade school. Not only are they learning new skills, but they are getting to know and understand themselves, the people around them and the big world they live in!

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Dress to play

Holladay Preschool students go outside every day unless the temperature is below 25 degrees or the air particulate matter is above 35.4.



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