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Holladay Preschool is committed to promoting personal development of our students to prepare them for the challenges in life that lie ahead. Our staff consists of experienced, certified, and continually trained educators.

The goals for each age group are set together by our staff, but teachers are expected to achieve those goals in their own special way that fits their own teaching style and the needs of their particular class. That flexibility spurs creativity in the curriculum.

Tammy Taylor, Director

“Children become like the things they love.”

Tammy started as the Director of Holladay Preschool in June of 2023. She has spent time teaching at the University of Utah in the Child and Family Development Center, along with coaching college students. She loves children and has always loved working with them. She enjoys walking, hiking, painting, and golfing with her family.

Sharon Bain, Office Assistant

“Self esteem, kindness, following directions, discovering new ideas, enjoying creativity, and getting along with peers is so important in the success of each student. I love that the developmental philosophy of Holladay Preschool strengthens these skills to help children adjust and excel in their whole life, as well as their education.”

Sharon is our ever-present support, filling in and stepping up in whatever area is needed. Sharon has a BA degree in Elementary Education and a Masters in Beginning Reading Instruction, which she put to use as a 2nd grade teacher for 23 years. She loves sports, as well as gardening, cooking, and doing other activities with her 20 grandchildren.

Lori Bergstrom, Teacher

“The age-appropriate developmental philosophy at Holladay Preschool helps the children be socially ready and to be able to negotiate, to be kind, and to have friends. Creativity is encouraged and singing is the best part of the day.”

Lori has been teaching at Holladay Preschool for nearly a decade and has over 25 years of teaching experience. She holds a Speech Pathology degree from the University of Utah. Lori is passionate about reading and that love has helped her grow as a preschool teacher.

Kelley Bridge, Teacher

“Holladay Preschool provides such a unique preschool experience. It introduces little people to their big world in a way that is hands on and developmentally appropriate. Holladay Preschool is an active, happy place where children are active, happy learners!”

Kelley taught first grade for 6 years, after receiving her degree in Elementary Education and a Masters in Education. She has four incredible and wild children, all who attended Holladay Preschool. Kelley loves to cook and eat delicious food. She is an avid reader, with a passion for children’s literature.

Loralee Christensen, Teacher

“I love that Holladay Preschool is so creative and child-centered. Life skills aren’t evaluated like the alphabet, but are every bit as important in a well-rounded adult. The social experiences, responsibilities, and confidence children learn here will last their entire lives.”

Loralee is a Holladay native and has taught at the preschool for over 15 years. She graduated from Olympus High and eventually Utah State University with a BA in Liberal Arts. Loralee loves painting, sewing, quilting, and crocheting. She also is an avid traveler. Her children are Holladay Preschool grads and their experiences are what attracted Loralee to the job.

Megan Fan, Teacher

"I am honored to be on part of this community and believe deeply in the developmental philosophy of Holladay Preschool."

Megan's background is in education, including a BS in Elementary Education, a Reading & Literacy Master's of Education, and six years of teaching first grade before starting a family with her husband. She has three daughters and one son, who have all attended HPS. Megan loves to read and collect children's books, garden, organize, craft, go on walks with her family, and travel!

Lori Gee, Teacher

“If there is one thing a child needs to prepare them for kindergarten, it is self-confidence. Social development helps promote this by offering a wide variety of experiences through play, and children at Holladay Preschool are offered so many wonderful experiences through social interactions.”

Lori has been with Holladay Preschool for over 25 years. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science. Lori enjoys crafts of all kinds, especially scrapbooking and card making, which she displays in a homemade yearbook for each of her students.

Candice Greene, Teacher

“I love Holladay Preschool for the focus it has on each child's own personal development. I especially enjoy watching the children's imagination at work be it through their creations, singing time or just listening to their conversations during purposeful play and snack time.”

Candice was first a Holladay Preschool mom whose four children are all alumni. She has a degree from the University of Utah in Family and Human Development. When she’s not vacationing at a beach, Candice can be found playing tennis, running, or reading good book.

Anna Heinz, Teacher

“I love Holladay Preschool is a place where children can come to learn, grow, and develop positive lifelong skills all through play. It is truly a magical place with the best families and the best staff.”

Anna has her Bachelor's degree from Westminster College in elementary education with a minor in ESL. She taught elementary school for four years before taking a break to raise her daughter (who also went to Holladay Preschool). Anna is passionate about photography, hiking, decorating for the holidays, and eating yummy food. She loves teaching through music, art, and literature.

Julie Iorg, Teacher

“Holladay Preschool teaches the whole child: socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically. Childhood is such a valuable stage in life and to have the opportunity to help children learn and grow and to become self-confident in a nurturing environment is truly fulfilling.”

Julie brings her love of teaching and a passion for yoga together often in her classroom. She holds a BS in Psychology and has a Special Education background, in addition to being a certified kids yoga instructor. Julie also enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, paddle boarding, camping, snowshoeing and snowboarding with her family.


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