Our Philosophy

Centered on the Child

The philosophy of Holladay Preschool is centered on the child and helping each one of them develop a positive self-image. Social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development are all equally important.The program fosters independence and personal initiative. It is flexible and designed to meet the needs of the individual child within the framework of the group. It is creative, with and emphasis on exploration and discovery. Special attention is given to the process of play without adult criteria imposed.Within each class, a varied and stimulating curriculum is planned, but may be altered as special interests and events spontaneously occur.

Daily Activities

Each day at preschool, children participate in at least five main activities:

●     Rug Time - includes an assortment of activities each day that may include stories, singing, learning pre-reading or math skills, a science experiment, or group games.

●     Outside Play - provides an opportunity to explore an alternative space to the classroom with peers. In adverse weather, the Big Room is set up with portable playground equipment to resemble outdoor play.

●     Free Play - imaginative time in a creative and varied environment that includes access to dress-ups, props for dramatic play, sensory tables, building toys, tactile experiences, and unstructured art opportunities with children their own age.

●     Art, Music, or Sensory Projects - children draw, cut, glue, write, build, feel, explore, and imagine while creating, painting, or trying something new with their peers.

●      Snack Time- provides opportunity to share, pour, clean up, and interact socially

Family Support

Holladay Preschool is more than just a place where children attend class, it’s a community that involves the whole family in the child’s learning experience. We begin the year with a Back to School Night to introduce families to the preschool’s classrooms, playground, and teachers. One of the reasons we have parents escort their children to and from class is for the daily interaction with teachers and other parents that create bonds and build our preschool community. Teachers provide parents monthly calendars with classroom activities and information.Parent-teacher conferences are held at the end of the year to discuss their child’s progress and strengths. All of these events are opportunities to engage in our Holladay Preschool support system.


For the 3 year old program and Pre-K program, teachers assess the progress of students throughout the year. These assessments evaluate whether each child has achieved, is developing, or needs support on age-appropriate skills in the Fall and again in the Spring. These assessments are intended to help you make the best decisions for your child’s educational and development needs.


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