Financial Aid

We believe that early childhood development is a critical piece of a child’s education, but we also understand that there are families who are unable to pay for a quality preschool experience. Holladay Preschool is fortunate to be able to support those families, with the help of our generous donors and registered Holladay Preschool community, through a tuition financial assistance program. To see if you and your family qualify for financial aid at Holladay Preschool, please review and complete the application below. Each application is reviewed through an established process and financial aid is dispersed based on identified need and available funds. While we would like to meet every request, we appreciate your understanding of our limited resources.

Financial Aid Application

Personal Balance Sheet

Thayne Stark Memorial Tuition Aid Fund

For over 50 years, Holladay Preschool provided limited tuition aid to help families facing financial hardships send their children to preschool. However, in 2003, a very special Holladay Preschool alumnus made our tuition financial assistance program much more significant, helping over 100 families over the past 15 years give their children the gift of early childhood education.

Thayne Stark was born in 1985 and passed away in 2003 from injuries sustained in a hiking accident. His mother taught and worked at Holladay Preschool, and Thayne worked in the summer program as a high school student. His love of Holladay Preschool led his family to ask for donations to build the tuition aid program in lieu of flowers, which provided a strong base for the program.

Our annual Benefit Bash, individual donations and the Bamberger-Allen Health & Education Foundation help keep this program going strong.


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