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Holladay Preschool is committed to promoting personal development of our students to prepare them for the challenges in life that lie ahead. Our staff consists of experienced, certified, and continually trained educators.

The goals for each age group are set together by our staff, but teachers are expected to achieve those goals in their own special way that fits their own teaching style and the needs of their particular class. That flexibility spurs creativity in the curriculum.

Julie Iorg, Teacher

“Holladay Preschool teaches the whole child: socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically. Childhood is such a valuable stage in life and to have the opportunity to help children learn and grow and to become self-confident in a nurturing environment is truly fulfilling.”

Julie brings her love of teaching and a passion for yoga together often in her classroom. She holds a BS in Psychology and has a Special Education background, in addition to being a certified kids yoga instructor. Julie also enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, paddle boarding, camping, snowshoeing and snowboarding with her family.

Maurine Jones, Teacher

"Every child is special and unique. They deserve love, respect, and safety. I believe that as we see them, hear them and meet them at their level, they will find joy in creativity and confidence in learning."

Maurine is excited to be a part of the Holladay Preschool team. She has a degree in Human Development and has spent the last 31 years practicing and learning more about children’s development while she has been raising her seven children. Art, psychology, and cookie dough are some of her favorite things.  She also loves to read, play games, and go on long walks.

Linda Layton, Teacher

“Children need a good foundation to succeed in school. At Holladay Preschool, we stress the need for age-appropriate activities by using teachers’ own ideas and creativity to make each class unique and special. Each day is varied and active to make learning fun.”

Linda has been teaching at Holladay Preschool for over a decade. She worked in the Jordan School District as a substitute teacher, a teacher’s aide, and reading specialist before coming to Holladay. Linda loves children’s books and is not afraid of a messy art project. She enjoys gardening and cooking with her children.

Jessie Newman, Teacher

“If I can help a child to learn to make his own decisions and feel confident in those decisions, learn to be a good friend and to stand up for himself, to be kind and considerate to others, and learn to express himself positively, I know he will be off to a good start in his schooling.”

A fellow Holladay Preschool teacher brought Jessie to our door nearly a decade ago. She has a degree in Elementary Education from the University of Utah. Jessie’s musical talents playing the piano often are applied in the classroom. She also enjoys reading and acting out stories for her students.

Elizabeth Rice, Teacher

“The community of Holladay Preschool is dear to my heart. The office staff, teachers, parents, and children make up a preschool family that is unlike any other.”

Elizabeth is one of the newest additions to the Holladay Preschool staff. She has 14 years of teaching experience and an educational background in the fine arts. Elizabeth likes to be active running, waterskiing, dancing, you name it - and always has a creative project she’s working on. Elizabeth is also a Holladay Preschool mom with one son a graduate and another son a current student.

Jordyn Smyth, Teacher

Jordyn is new to Holladay Preschool and teaches the Friday Enrichment class. She has a life-long love of learning. She is passionate about children’s literature and using it to incorporate learning into everyday activities. She enjoys exercise, quilting, hiking, reading, and going on adventures with her family.

Carloyn Tebbs, Teacher

“I feel that carefully teaching children at their appropriate developmental level teaches confidence. They learn that they can be successful and that school and learning is a lot of fun. We have a wonderful balance at Holladay Preschool of both social and scholastic approaches.”

Carolyn has taught preschool for almost 20 years. She has a degree in Recreation Therapy with an emphasis in Early Childhood Development. Carolyn likes to be on the move, whether it be running, swimming, square dancing or riding the motorcycle with her husband. She also enjoys sewing, knitting and spending time with grandchildren.


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